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Related post: (H^OFESSIONAL 1.3 0.0 I CHECK APflOCPOiATE BOXItSI I CZ (a) Human sut3)ect3 I _ (ai) Minors Z (a2) Interviews G (b) Human tissues S (c) Neither SUWMAAV o# MORK fUM Megalis India narvMrQ .^nouoM rypa. ,3o nor »« c «« i > irw loao* i3rov«>»a; Experiments were completed examining the interaction of complement with Trypanosoma cnjzi . Leishmania maior, and Toxoplasma gondii . Final punfication and charactenzation of Megalis 10 the 03 convertase inhibitor produced by trypomastigoles of T. cnjzi was completed. The molecule is an 87-93kd glycoprotein. P.I. Megalis Tablet 5.6- 5.8. expressed in infective trypomastigote but Buy Megalis not non-infectious epimastigote Megalis 10 Mg forms. Functionally, the trypomastigote molecule is identical to human decay accelerating factor: it prevents formation and accelerates decay of the classical and alternative pathway 03 convertases. There is a correlation between the lytic activity of Ohagasic serum and the capacity of antibodies in the serum to recognize the 03 convertase inhibitor by immunoprecipitation and to block the functional activity of the inhibitor. The mechanism of resistance to serum killing for metacyclic promastigotes of Leishmania maior was further clanfied. Both serum sensitive log phase promastigotes and serum-resistant metacyclic promastigotes activate complement efficiently, and a 05b-9 complex is formed on the parasite membrane. With metacyclic promastigotes. the 05b-9 complex is shed and is not lytic because it fails to insert into hydrophobic domains of the Leishmania membrane. Tachyzoites of Toxoplasma gondii are resistant to serum killing because limited 03 and C5b-9 are deposited dunng incubation in senjm. Bound 03b is rapidly cleaved to the lytically inactive i03b form, Oomplement deposition is increased Megalis Tablets and the site of deposition is altered by lytic monoclonal antibodies for tachyzoites. PHs «o«o inMegalis 20 India to be effective in clearing microfilaremia in patients with bancroftian filariasis at dosages as low as 25-mcg/kg given once orally. A second, blinded, placebo-controlled trial of ivermectin and the currently used drug, diethylcarbamazine (DEC), has indicated that the efficacy of ivermectin and DEC were equivalent for 3 months, but by 6 months the -30% microfilaria! recurrence rate of the ivermectin-treated patients was significantly greater than the '•15% rate of Megalis 20mg the DEC group. Side effects were qualitatively and quantitatively identical for both groups. Thus, though ivermectin appeared somewhat less effective than DEC at 6 months, its single-oral-dose mode of administration with toxicity no greater than that of DEC means that this drug should engender greater patient compliance and, therefore, be much more Megalis Price effective in mass-treatment, filariasis control programs than DEC. Observations on 200 Peace Corps volunteers going to Loa loa endemic areas of Africa have concluded after three years of a placebo-controlled chemoprophylaxis trial using weekly doses of DEC. In Gabon (where exposure to the parasite was heaviest) 30% of individuals in the placebo group developed overt clinical disease compared to none in the DEC-treated group (p<.02) and 50% became seropositive in the placebo group vs. 13% in the DEC group (p<.02). No significant sidi9 effects were seen. These findings indicate that DEC given orally once-weekly can be an effective, acceptable chemoprophylactic for preventing loiasis. PHS 6040 (R«v 1/84) SPO ti4.*i* 14-37 OEPAHTMENT OP mCALTM ANO muMAN SERVICES PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE NOTICE OF INTRAMURAL RESEARCH PROJECT --■ -^^ 00i8':»-03 L?D CctcDer 1 . 1 987 to Septemper 30. 1 988 MoiecLii ar Genetics ot Drjg Resistance and Red Ceil invasion in Maiana I PI: T.E. Weilems Senior Staff Fellow LPD. NIAID Fogarty Fellow LPD, NIAID Research Fellow LPD, NIAID Medical Staff Fellow LPD. NIAID
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